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It’s Hot in Here – Wash Ninja® Press & News

car-wash-100-percent-eco-friendlyFind all the latest company news and press releases along with Wash Ninja® milestones here.  Visit the Wash Ninja Sitemap to navigate anywhere on the site.  Join any of our social media channels for upcoming company announcements.  Contact us with any questions on our releases.

1/19/18 – Press Release – Wash Ninja® Eco-Friendly Waterless Auto Detailing Celebrates 100 All 5-Star Service Reviews

1/10/18 – Press Release – 2017 Official Prestigious Yelp Recipient Awarded to Wash Ninja® Eco-Friendly Auto Detailing

12/29/17 – National Press Release – Wash Ninja Waterless Car Wash Products Now Available to Retailers and Distributors Nationwide

11/21/17 – National Press Release – Wash Ninja® Releases New Non-Toxic Biodegradable Waterless Car Wash Products

10/19/17 – Press Release – Wash Ninja® Waterless Car Wash Products Approved to Sell on Amazon

9/13/17 – Press Release – Wash Ninja® Releases Videos on New Innovative Waterless Car Wash and Wax Products

8/31/17 – Press Release – Wash Ninja® ECO Car Care Waterless Wash + Wax Product Manufacturing Begins

7/27/17 – Press Release – Wash Ninja® Green-Friendly Waterless Car Wash Products to Hit Market Officially Named

6/13/17 – Press Release – Wash Ninja® Acquires Washology Ninja as Green Friendly Car Care Product Learning Center

6/7/17 – Press Release – Wash Ninja® Sports Refreshed Logo for Green Friendly Car Care Product Line

5/16/17 – Press Release – Wash Ninja® Green Friendly Car Care Launching Lemonade Ninja with 10-Year-Old Kidpreneur

5/3/17 – National Press Release – Wash Ninja® Granted Registered Trademark Pulls Trigger on Green Friendly Auto Care Product Line

3/31/17 – Press Release – Wash Ninja® ‘Green-Friendly’ Mobile RV Detailing is Now Available in Jacksonville, Florida

2/26/17 – Press Release – Wash Ninja® Puts 10-Year-Old Domain For Sale to Invest in a Clean Future

2/8/17 – Press Release – Wash Ninja Green Friendly Mobile Detailing Celebrates 1 Year in Business

1/31/17 – Press Release – Green Friendly Wash Ninja Now Top 100 in Jacksonville, FL Based on Twitter Followers

12/31/16 – Press Release – Startup, Wash Ninja Green Friendly Auto Detailing Closes 2016 by Donating to the Planet

12/18/16 – Press Release – Wash Ninja Announces First Ever Mobile App Delivering a Clean Car & Planet

11/28/16 – Press Release – Now Open: Wash Ninja Opens ‘Green Friendly’ Apparel and Online Detailing Store

11/21/16 – Press Release – 5 Star Rated Wash Ninja Eco Auto Detailing Introduces ‘Green Friendly Community Partnerships’

10/11/16 – Press Release:  Wash Ninja Releases New Product Logo for Upcoming Apparel Brand

8/29/16 – Web Release:  Wash Ninja Releases Second Video in a Collection Series

8/28/16 – Press Release: Wash Ninja Releases Second in a Series of Videos

8/4/16 – Website Release: Wash Ninja SSL Website Security Protection Now Active

8/2/16 – Press Release: Wash Ninja Adds the Latest SSL Cyber Website Security

7/28/16 – Website Release: Wash Ninja Acquires Solidifying Name Stake in the Eco World

7/26/16 – Press Release: Startup Wash Ninja Solidifies Name Stake in the Eco World and Acquires

7/11/16 – Press Release: Startup, Wash Ninja Launches First Every Company Video

7/5/16 – Website Release: Wash Ninja ‘Giving Green Back’ to the Planet Campaign

7/5/16 – Press Release: Wash Ninja Gives Green Back to the Planet

5/24/16 – Press Release: Wash Ninja Extreme Lava Showroom Vehicle Detail Edition Released in Limited Numbers

5/19/16 – Website Announcement:  Mention @BestDad for Wash Ninja Father’s Day Offer

5/18/16 – Press Release:  Wash Ninja Father’s Day Car Detailing Gift Cards Now Available

5/2/16 – Website Release: Wash Ninja Mother’s Day Car Detail Gift Cards Available 

5/1/16 – Press Release: Take Your Mother’s Car to the Spa with Wash Ninja Gift Cards

4/21/16 – Website Release: Wash Ninja Opens Auto Detailing Hotline 844-WASH JAX

4/19/16 – Press Release: New @WashNinja ‪#‎AutoDetailing‬ Hotline ‘844-WASH JAX’

4/18/16 – We’re Now on Instagram!

4/15/16 – Shop Online @WashNinja Mobile Eco Auto Detailing Packages

4/11/16 – Announcing the Wash Ninja Auto Detailing ‘Show Car’

3/28/16 – Starting Now Wash Ninja Makes Eco Auto Detailing Easier with Enhanced Flexible Scheduling

3/28/16 – @WashNinja Founder Chief Ninja Reaches 10,000 Twitter followers Announced on Website Release

3/10/16 – Press Release: Auto Detailing Rocks Jacksonville, by Wash Ninja

3/10/16 – Website Release: Wash Ninja Auto Detailing Rocks

2/8/16 – Press Release: Wash Ninja Now Opens ‘Green’ Mobile Auto Detailing Services Jacksonville, Florida

4/28/15 – Wash Ninja, Inc. Acquires and

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