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Green-Friendly Auto Detailing Results

Wash Ninja® delivers the best mobile auto detailing and vehicle protection with ultra-convenience. We use a green-friendly process that is hose free with 5 Star Reviews on hundreds of vehicles detailed to date. Visit Wash Ninja’s Eco Auto Detailing sample Photo Gallery.

  • Waterless and hose free auto detailing
  • Zero waste and runoff
  • UV coated protection for interior and exterior surfacesgreen
  • Efficient eco-inverter generator powered equipment
  • All in one wash and wax eco-smart solution
  • Maximum freshness in cleaning
  • Every purchase we donate to our Planet Partners
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Eco-Friendly Waterless Auto Detailing

Our Waterless Hose Free Eco-Vehicle Detail uses under 1% water consumption compared to a home car wash.  Our Green-Friendly Car Shine uses up to 8.5 gallons of water for contaminated vehicles compared to 100 Gallons with a home car wash.

We can detail your car, truck, or van anywhere with a best in class battery-powered mobile detailing solution. It conserves precious resources, energy, and brings the best in modern exterior car cleaning technology. With the entire unit weighing 35 lbs., we don’t need to waste gas transporting a heavy trailer getting to you.

Zero Water Waste - 100% Environmentally Responsible

The average home car wash wastes too much. Our auto mobile detailing system holds five gallons of water mixed with an EcoSmart solution, which is a biodegradable alternative to soap and water and can be used in the sun or shade. It provides a deep clean and washes several vehicles efficiently. No more wasted water and unnecessary puddles. The reservoir tank is UV Treated to protect the Eco-smart solution we use.

Eco-Smart Wash, Wax & Protectant All in One

It is an easy to use auto care product 3 step process.  Dilute, spray on, and gently wipe off dirt and contamination to get a high gloss shine without streaks.  Wet, dry, sun, or shade this product can be used anywhere. It is a one part concentrate with two parts water combination mix.

Save Energy

Powerful energy efficient eco inverter provides continuous run time over 10 hours powering our vacuum, upholstery and carpet extractor, and steam cleaner. Our mobile-eco auto detailing unit is 100% battery powered and is available for use up to 20 hours of detailing time before needing to be charged. It is done with a high-tech lithium-ion battery used in laptops and portable PC devices.

Work Time Savings

We put to use top cleaning equipment to preserve the environment and to save time when we clean your vehicle. What this means is the best clean in the most efficient without any restrictions.

Microfiber Towels

We use a system to ensure the same towel is not used on your windows that would be used on your interior, paint, or wheels. Each area receives the treatment it should. We use a lint-free industrial grade towel. Our towels are durable and soft that are lint-free and scratch-free.

Clay Bar

It is the most effective way to remove contaminates and thoroughly clean your vehicle’s paint. A good test is to rub your hand on the paint. Paint that is rough has contaminates. These contaminates are attached to the paint or may have penetrated your clear coat. See our packages to have clay bar clean below the surface. When you clay bar your car the paint will feel smooth and ready for a wax.

Powerful Vacum Extractor

Pound for pound at a weight of 3.5 lbs. one of the most powerful vacuums ever developed with a turbo hand tool to collect all the dirt in your car. We use a powerful vacuum cleaner to deliver a car cleaning performance experience that is the best on the market today. Incredibly powerful 4.5 amp, 1,350 watt twin fan industrial quality motor produces quite a lift.

Upholstery & Carpet Extractor

High suction cleaner with powerful handheld oscillating motorized brush efficiently that cleans by pulling up dirt and spills. Brush moves 1,200 times per minute scrubbing the fibers deep in the carpet or upholstery to break up set-in stains leaving carpet and upholstery looking fresh and spot-free, or less visible.


Steam Cleaner

Heated to over 200 degrees effectively and naturally cleans and sanitizes. Unit produces 2 hours of continuous steam. Variable steam to customize steam output. 20 plus accessories to reach anywhere.


Ultra-Interior Clean Attachments

Our collection of attachments with reach the farthest corners of full size sedans and SUVs. 13 interchangeable attachments ensure we suck up the dirt and dust in the hardest to reach places on your vehicle.

Vent Cleaning

We suck out the dust in your vents with our cleaning machine that is equipped with a rubber faced attachment that will leave no scratches or nicks on your interior.

Leather Care and Conditioning

Cleaning and conditioning leather is one of the most important factors. Leather that has been mistreated can result in dried, aged, and cracked leather. Our products are gentle and prevent damage. We clean, then condition your leather to restore and preserve the natural quality and smell. It moisturizes and nourishes leather leaving it clean and protected that is non-greasy bringing out a natural shine.

Interior Cleaner and Protectant

We create a pleasant environment for all passengers. A cleaner that will preserve and protect the appearance of your vehicle that removes dirt, dust, and body oils. We use an interior guard to clean and condition your vehicle with UV protection while also repelling dust. Our interior product keeps your interior cleaner, and longer. Your vehicle will have the nourishment it needs to keep a natural factory appearance.

This gentle conditioner cleans fast and better than ever removing dust and dirt from plastic and vinyl surfaces. Several interior formulas on the market add a greasy coating that attracts dust and dirt that cause your interior to discolor. Your vehicle will be protected from harmful UV rays with a natural appearance.

Air Fresheners & Odor Eliminators

Our air fresheners and odor eliminators won’t stain fabrics, carpet, or upholstery. They are designed to last 5x longer than conventional car fresheners – up to several weeks. We use a natural enzymatic odor eliminator to reduce odor now and recurring odor. Bring back that new car smell.

Two-Step Wash Mitt

We use a wash mitt for your paint and one for your wheels. Brake dust can result in harsh materials that scratch paint. Keeping this process separate ensures your paint isn’t touches by the same wash mitt that cleans your wheels. Our mitts are soft, fluffy, and scratch-free.

Hand or Machine Wax

Wax is essential to care for you paint and keep it protected through the life of your vehicle. Without waxing, containments from the road and environment build up.  With waxing your vehicle will repel rain water and will be easier to clean and will shine longer.  After seeing your vehicle, we’ll know the best method whether hand or machine wax is best for your vehicle.

Torq Random Orbital Polisher

Easily removes swirls, scratches, and defects from all painted vehicles. Our Random Orbital Polisher redefines the state of the art by delivering a machine that is precise, accurate, smooth, powerful, and ergonomic.

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